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Business introduction

Santec manufactures and supports the products required to form electronic devices with high reliability and environment resistance using hermetic seal products manufacturing technologies as our core technologies,

> Hermetic seal products such as headers / terminals, caps with lens, seatings with lens, and lids with lens,

> Glass wafers with holes, glass lenses, and glass forming / processing related products as application products of our core technologies,

> Plating and heat treatment using continuous belt furnace.

Santec will

- Aim to make excellent products by utilizing our abundant experience and know-how,

- Provide high-quality products with flexible ideas and reliable technology to meet the needs of our customer,

- Respond to diversifying manufacturing demand from prototyping production and small-quantity production to volume production in mass production,

- Aim to manufacture our products in such a way that gives less burden on the global environment,

- Promote endless challenges as a company that contributes to society together with the local community.